Live @ Open Ear Festival
to Jun 2

Live @ Open Ear Festival

  • Sherkin Island Cork Ireland (map)
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Live performance for Open Ear festival, which is located on the picturesque Sherkin Island, off the coast of Cork. Apparently it’s one of the best festivals anyone has ever been to, if you’ve got an open mind, and an open ear! ;)

Only one way to find out… See you there, campers!!!

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DJ set @ The Sound House. Syrias Vibes fundraiser.
to Mar 3

DJ set @ The Sound House. Syrias Vibes fundraiser.

DJing along with a host of other great DJs, and 100% of the proceeds are going to Syrias Vibes, who are doing amazing things across the globe, helping out victims of war and poverty in places where it's so badly needed. Every little bit helps ;)

Also involved are Bear In Mind, a recently formed organisation who are working to raise awareness for mental health.

Hope to see you there!

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to Nov 5

DJ set @ RLSD presents...

DJing alongside Philip Galvin Jnr and Barry Greaves for a night of FREE TECHNO!!! 

Cool basement venue is the Wah Wah Club in central Dublin. 

Vinyl only this night, and I'm pretty sure that goes for Barry and Philip too!!  There's something lovely about that in these digital times...  it gets deep ;]  

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DSNT / KILLEKILL summercamp in Berlin
to Aug 10

DSNT / KILLEKILL summercamp in Berlin

DSNT are hosting a night in Berlin's awesome Griessmuehle venue, and you're invited!!

Myler (Waterford, Mord), DSNT DJs Nez, Dallas, and Cave DJz (Belfast), Techno & Cans DJs (Dublin), and Hallion join forces with the amazing Berlin titans of techno KILLEKILL for a night of musical mayhem. 

Last gig I did for DSNT was a live audio-visual show, and this time is live, but no visual. Still, I'm going to rock out a heap of fresh and fully live improvisations on my machines, and finally get to let loose my sonic manipulations into the magical air of this great techno city. 

Get tickets here:



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2:30 PM14:30

Live A\V @ 'The Back Door To The Universe' launch party

Brand new Audio-Visual show, at this unique event which includes an art installation and laser and projection mapping. Also performing a Live set will be Doug Cooney from RLSD records, an DJ sets from Al Keegan, Rustal, Last Lesson, and Colman Buckley. Looks set to be a great day, with limited tickets. Also it's BYOB so that's a nice touch!

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